About Us

Welcome to the APN Raceway.

The object of the club shall be to operate and function as a body for the purpose of fostering and encouraging radio controlled racing. To promote, grow, develop and monitor rules pertaining to the sport, to co-ordinate competitions at club level and to promote inter-member fellowship within the sport.


APN is not formed for the purpose of carrying out any business that has for its object the acquisition or gain by APN or by the individual members thereof.

Racing is a lot of fun but is a very dangerous sport so please take care and keep a safe distance from the track and cars at all times. The APN will not be held liable or responsible for any loss, injury or harm caused on the premises.

Please ensure that you abide by the rules of the track and the APN raceway

  • NO vulgarities will be tolerated towards the marshals, members, and patrons. The venue is a public place, having both women and children present. Any matter of vulgarity must be brought to the attention of the committee.
  • NO driving in the wrong direction is permitted on the track under any circumstances.
  • NO smoking, eating or drinking on the drivers stand.
  • NO leaning over the drivers stand during races or practice.
  • NO communication with race control on the drivers stand during races.
  • NO reckless driving will be tolerated, even during practices.
  • NO canvassing of brand, make or hobby store at the track by members/non-members (all hobby stores and owners wishing to do somust follow club/track due process to have presence at the track. This however must not be in conflict with our constitution).
  • NO unauthorised use of the track will be tolerated as the committee will not deal with the situation lightly. (Non-compliance is disrespectful to the club and its members who work hard to maintain the track).
  • All members will abide by the rules of the Portuguese club, hence track usage is restricted to hours of business of the Portuguese Club.
  • Club members to sign-in/register and pay fees at the bar/club prior to use.
  • All members must have membership cards produced at the track prior to use.
  • Members are allowed to mentor any new potential members at the track. The person will need to pay the R100 fee and can only use the track in the presence of the member and for a maximum of 3 visits.

Members are not to engage with the committee members of the Porto Club directly. Any suggestions and/or concerns must go to the committee of the APN Raceway who will address with the Porto. Club

The Committee shall have the right to postpone or reject any Application for Membership in order to maintain a safe limit to racing activities, or for any other reason, which need not be disclosed. Membership may be suspended or cancelled by the Committee at their absolute discretion if the conduct of any member is contrary to APN’s Objects and Rules.

Just a few points to take note of:

  • There are catering facilities available inside the hall at the bar and kitchen, so please make use of it. We are using the premises of the Portuguese club and are obliged to use their facilities.
  • The toilets are inside the hall but please ensure that you leave the facilities in the condition you found it in.
  • Please feel free to contact any of the committee members if you are uncertain about the facilities available or if there is any matter that needs to be brought to our attention.

Our Fees:

  • Main Member R500 per annum includes R250 for each additional family member.
  • Scholars R100.

Race Days

We will attempt to ensure an enjoyable race day by arranging marshals at a compulsory cost of R20 per driver. Fees excluding this charge are R40 for members and R80 for non-members.

Track Usage

  • Practice is open to members only, except for official club practice and race days.
  • Non-members will only be allowed for practice if with and in the presence of a member at a cost of R20 (Fee per day per driver)